Links 2021-03-10

The Art of the Desk Setup

Lately it’s been trendy in the personal blog world to post about “battlestations” and desk set ups. This one post is my favourite of the ones I’ve read (archive). Arun Venkatesan discusses his design philosophy and how he’s applied it to his workspace. Most of these posts discuss function and layout of components. This one goes further. It gets into the aesthetics and design ideas in each product and the plan for a cohesive workspace. The result looks great.

I’m weirdly obsessed with reading desk setup posts. Let me know if you’ve written one or find a good one.

Impossible Baseball

Data genetics has discovered that the official rules of baseball have a requirement that is geometrically impossible to meet (archive).

My Convoluted VRChat Google Meet Setup

Christine Dodrill figured out a way to be represented by an anime character in video chats (archive). The solution uses a VR headset for head tracking and a (fairly convoluted) arrangement of software components to inject the animation into a video stream.

The Most Ill-Timed Website in History

This article by Jay Hoffmann at The History of the Web talks about the history of the Slashdot effect and later attempts to capitalise on it (archive).